Belinda Curry – Residency Update

The next installment – I have been busy working of a series of prints which began as imagery from the A1 ringroad wall in Townsville.  In the last post I finished with the plate ready to be inked.  Here, I begin with the inked plates and the resultant prints as shown below.









Investigating the concept of the symmetry of these shapes, I have begun to deconstruct the original image, isolating various sections and their inverse forms, investigating scale and orientation in relation to other sections.  All the plates are made from strawboard and food boxes, sealed with shellac.  I am using Graphic ink in Prussian Blue with easy wipe added. Papers used are  Dutch Etching – 270gsm, Hahnemuhle – 180 gsm and Washi paper (less than 80 gsm).

Below are the beginnings of this investigation with the construction of 10 small plates ranging from approximately 35 x 45 mm – 70 mm x 75 mm.  These were then printed off individually and in various combinations.  (Next installment).


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