Belinda Curry – Another Update

Things are slowly coming together, with a little push from having a deadline for photographs of completed works due to Umbrella at the beginning of October.  From the previous prints of the A1 ringroad series I have constructed a series of five small artist books, a monoprint and then chopped some of the prints and incorporated them into a box journal. These will be exhibited within the vault space at Umbrella in 2018.

The artist books were constructed from the original plates as the outer covers, then the prints themselves being the first and last pages.  Other sections of various prints were cut, folded to form folios and coptic stitched.  The variation in colour of the book covers/plates is due to trying to hurry the drying process in the oven and burning the plates.  I decided that I liked the deepened colour after I had made a new batch of plates (light honey colour) so I combined the two.


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