Belinda Curry – progress update

I am slowly posting images of ideas that I have started to explore in the last few weeks.  The main exploratory work at this point in time is based on the patterning of the walls on the ring road, A1 exit/entry ramps.  Initially I developed two collagraphs from these patterns, the second from the depressed sections left over from the first plate. The thin cutout cardboard pieces were glued onto straw/box board and shellacked.  These were then run through the press at Umbrella Studio using various papers, the outcomes of which I will put up in the next post.

Artist in Residence August

I would like to thank the members of PressNorth and Umbrella Studio for the warm welcome and support in the last few weeks.  Also for the opportunity to work in a creative space for three months.  I have settled in to the Umbrella print studio, working out the idiosyncrasies of the large press, running through a few test collagraph plates on hosho paper. The accompanying images are the first plate run off in week one. Very early stages yet.

PressNorth Printmakers Professional Development Program video

Welcome to a 2015 and a new year for PressNorth! But before we start on the new and exciting things ahead, we just had to show you the outcome video that was made from the Professional Development Program. Funded by Regional Arts Fund (administered by Artslink Queensland), held at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts. Filming by Nathan Morris. Editing by Umbrella Studio…Enjoy!


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