Belinda Curry – Another Update

Things are slowly coming together, with a little push from having a deadline for photographs of completed works due to Umbrella at the beginning of October.  From the previous prints of the A1 ringroad series I have constructed a series of five small artist books, a monoprint and then chopped some of the prints and incorporated them into a box journal. These will be exhibited within the vault space at Umbrella in 2018.

The artist books were constructed from the original plates as the outer covers, then the prints themselves being the first and last pages.  Other sections of various prints were cut, folded to form folios and coptic stitched.  The variation in colour of the book covers/plates is due to trying to hurry the drying process in the oven and burning the plates.  I decided that I liked the deepened colour after I had made a new batch of plates (light honey colour) so I combined the two.


Belinda Curry_Artist in Residence Update

At the moment I am starting to further develop my prints. The next in the series of work on the ‘A1’ is the enlargement of a section (400%).








This was then treated as a collagraph relief, rolling prussian blue ink on 270gsm Dutch etching paper.









I then re-inked the same plate using a combination of prussian blue, sepia and white (with ezy wipe added). The raised surface was wiped back.  The inked indented areas run through with the rough edge of a knife to produce striations and  gently rubbed over to lift and blend the ink.









An issue that I came had forgotten about until it happened was ‘haloes’, appearing around the raised sections.  I overcame this by filling in around the edges with glue to decrease the height difference across the plate and a slight increase in pressure.  I could have also used thinner card in the initial creation of the plate. Another mishap arose when transporting the wet prints.  The prints had slid around in the boot between the sheets of drying paper. These experimental pieces/flaws have been chopped for artist books, others incorporated into box making. These are still being developed at this stage and will be displayed at a later date.

One of these prints survived the trauma and has been framed. It is on display in the ‘Urban’ group exhibition at Sylvia Ditchburn Gallery in Ogden St, Townville.  The exhibition will be there from 29th September until the 22nd October 2017.



Belinda Curry – belated Residency update

Time has gone so quickly, being half way through the 3 month residency. In my fashionable printmaking attire whilst in the Umbrella Studio.  I have printed off the small single section plates from the last update, a total of 20 prints both on Hahnemuhle and rice paper.

Experimenting, I then recombined each plate with its inverse into a variety of combinations creating different geometric patterns, which can become a little additive. These were then printed again on Hahnemuhle and rice paper.  These prints will be at this stage used in the construction of artist books and incorporated in my box constructions which are presently drying.  Different things happening at different levels which will be pulled together (hopefully) by the exhibition.



Belinda Curry – Residency Update

The next installment – I have been busy working of a series of prints which began as imagery from the A1 ringroad wall in Townsville.  In the last post I finished with the plate ready to be inked.  Here, I begin with the inked plates and the resultant prints as shown below.









Investigating the concept of the symmetry of these shapes, I have begun to deconstruct the original image, isolating various sections and their inverse forms, investigating scale and orientation in relation to other sections.  All the plates are made from strawboard and food boxes, sealed with shellac.  I am using Graphic ink in Prussian Blue with easy wipe added. Papers used are  Dutch Etching – 270gsm, Hahnemuhle – 180 gsm and Washi paper (less than 80 gsm).

Below are the beginnings of this investigation with the construction of 10 small plates ranging from approximately 35 x 45 mm – 70 mm x 75 mm.  These were then printed off individually and in various combinations.  (Next installment).

Belinda Curry – progress update

I am slowly posting images of ideas that I have started to explore in the last few weeks.  The main exploratory work at this point in time is based on the patterning of the walls on the ring road, A1 exit/entry ramps.  Initially I developed two collagraphs from these patterns, the second from the depressed sections left over from the first plate. The thin cutout cardboard pieces were glued onto straw/box board and shellacked.  These were then run through the press at Umbrella Studio using various papers, the outcomes of which I will put up in the next post.

Artist in Residence August

I would like to thank the members of PressNorth and Umbrella Studio for the warm welcome and support in the last few weeks.  Also for the opportunity to work in a creative space for three months.  I have settled in to the Umbrella print studio, working out the idiosyncrasies of the large press, running through a few test collagraph plates on hosho paper. The accompanying images are the first plate run off in week one. Very early stages yet.

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