PressNorth Printmakers Professional Development Program video

Welcome to a 2015 and a new year for PressNorth! But before we start on the new and exciting things ahead, we just had to show you the outcome video that was made from the Professional Development Program. Funded by Regional Arts Fund (administered by Artslink Queensland), held at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts. Filming by Nathan Morris. Editing by Umbrella Studio…Enjoy!


An Interview with G.W. Bot

In your opinion what is so good about Relief Printmaking?

I approach relief printmaking as a form of relief sculpture – I love carving.  I also like the way the cut block impresses itself into the paper when printing.  My choice of medium for relief printmaking is linoleum (lino) originally made as a floor covering.


Can you give us a little bit of background about how you got involved in printmaking and what led you to become such an expert at Relief printing?

After cutting and printing my first small block of lino (which I still have) at high school in London I was “hooked”.  The rest just followed.


What are the top 3 things that an artist should know in order to be successful in Relief Printmaking? I’m not sure what “successful” means – creativity is an act of uncertainty – the image is not done until it is created, so take the plunge, take a risk, find your own “touch” and just do it.

What’s the best way to get started?

The best way to begin is to find a spot to place your lino so it will be stable and start cutting.

How long does it take to really become proficient at Relief Printmaking?

How much experience does a person need to do Relief Printmaking?

No one needs any prior experience to do linos – the techniques are simple and straight forward. For me the cutting of the lino can be a form of meditation – it can be of high energy too


If you had one secret to give about Relief Printmaking, what would it be?

Give yourself “time” a space where there is a timelessness to give what you think the image needs. There are no mistakes though – it is all the journey.


What are some of the common problems that artists experience in Relief printing?

The basic technical hurdle in all printmaking is the registration – knowing where you are going to place the block on the press in the same way each time you print an image from that block so that it prints on a piece of paper each time in the same place.


Where can people find more information about your professional practice?

I don’t have my own website but you can find my work on these website; Australian Galleries,; Beaver Galleries,; National Gallery of Australia, and the British Museum,


What have been the benefits to your professional development to be an artist in residence?

An artist’s residency is very valuable.  It allows one time out to think about one’s work and possible directions it could take.  Often the location is different from one’s own usual surroundings, the unfamiliarity helps one to “see” again.


What tips can you give about applying for an artist in residence?

Perhaps look for a residency you would love to have and apply for that.  In a way all of life is a residency, so perhaps you don’t want to be going somewhere you are not interested in – life is short.