October’s Inspiration and Education meeting with Gai Copeman

In early October we had a special day-long Inspiration and Education meeting to learn to make a Solander Box with one of our members, Gai Copeman who kindly volunteered her time to teach the group. The Solander box has its origins in conservation. It is named after Daniel Solander (1733-1782), a Swedish botanist who is credited with creating these boxes to store the materials he was working on while at the British museum. There appear to be various styles, but the most typical Solander box is a book-form case, with a hinged lid connected to its base. Naturally, all the materials used in the making of these boxes are acid free, and the possibilities for sizes and covers are endless. All our resultant boxes were different, some quite large to store the prints from our last print exchange, some much smaller to store some of the postcard print exchange recently exhibited. We had a lot of fun and learnt at the same time! Thank you Gai!
Written by Laura Castell