‘The Art of Seeing’ Pen & Wash with Malcolm Carver

The Art of Seeing The Art of Seeinggvjv

Workshop in Townsville by well known artist Malcolm Carver, ‘The Art of Seeing’
August 22-25, 2014
Cost $150
If interested contact Gai Copeman at gaic1@bigpond.com
To know more about Malcolm carver, check his website http://www.carverstudio.com/


We used to call it sightseeing but more often today its snap snap, as tourists disgorge from a bus. Today, in reality, it’s apparent that there is lot less looking and even less seeing in travel.

Photography is a wonderful pursuit, yet sketching whilst travelling and taking it all in can be an even greater memorable event.

Open to all from beginners to proficient artists, this course will enlighten you to identify original subject matter, something special at home or abroad, to capture in a light and easy fresh style of sketching in pen and wash. Can be used whilst travelling to provide an excellent journal of your travels and interests.

Quote from a recent artist….. “For me, I feel that I have had my eyes opened! Without sounding ridiculous [after one week of watercolour classes,] I can’t believe how differently i am seeing my surrounds! I thought I was fairly observant but this is now driving me mad!!! I found today i just could not look at the garden or surrounding trees without looking at the pattern of light and then getting the insatiable urge to draw it and attempt to paint it! needless to say i took lots of photos, the children have not been fed properly all day and I want to give up my regular job to pursue this new passion! Tonight i went to pick tomatoes and eggplants for dinner and was waylaid for 30 mins taking photo’s because of the sheen on the veggies! ..we then had scrambled eggs for dinner, So thank you”