Townsville Art Awards …and the winners are….

Congratulations Vince Bray for winning the Open section 2013 Townsville Open Art Award at the ’58th Townsville Art Society Awards’. This is the 3rd year in a row the award has been won with a print! We also want to congratulate 4 other PressNorth members who won awards, in order of images above:

Open section work: Vincent Bray,  ‘Mine Side Towns Side’ 2013, Relief Print, 91 x 73 cm.

Printmaking Award – Highly Commended: Sandy Fisher for ‘Listen’, 2013, Photopolymer Print,
41 x 39 cm

Watercolour Award – Highly commended: Laura Castell for ‘Kangaroo’, 2013, Watercolour, 41 x 25.5 cm

Printmaking Award: Jo Lankester for ‘Crustose II’, 2013, Collagraph Print, 112 x 86

Ink, Pencil, Charcoal Drawing Award – Highly Commended: Gai Copeman ‘Hanging Around’, 2013, Watercolour, 50 x 80 cm (Mandy Martin announcing the award)